Why we are who we are.

Chicken Sandwich

We began with a simple idea.

Krayvings was started with the simple idea that healthy food didn’t have to taste terrible nor take forever to make. It could be done in a way that was simple and easily available to anyone who wanted to live an active lifestyle in the Red Rock Canyon area. With that in mind, we set out to build a staff of people with the passion to provide great tasting, healthy food and a fun, casual customer-focused restaurant.

We pride ourselves on several things. First, we listen to our customers. Your input on the food gives us the direction we need to provide the best dining experience possible. Second, we aren’t just serving food to nameless faces. Our staff strives to know our customers closely so that we can provide a personal experience for every guest. It is our hope that some day, we can be on a first name basis with every guest.

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We believe in quality!

Along the way, we made it a top priority to try and build a better tomorrow with our restaurant. With a focus on health, we knew that sustainability in our practices was required. We believe in composting, recycling and renewing what we take from our environment is paramount. At Krayvings, we are REAL Certified. This USA Helpful Food Council certification is not simply a stamp on our menu, it is a point of pride in our restaurant and staff.

So, stop in and introduce yourself. Let us know what you think!

Have a happy and healthy day!

~The Krayvings Family

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