Get In Some Healthy Food in Las Vegas

by Super Editor

There is a lot to do in Las Vegas other than meandering down the Strip or testing your luck at the gambling tables. In fact, many people come to Las Vegas not for the flashing lights and their chances with lady luck, but instead to peek their heads out at the natural beauty and outdoor activities that exist in the area. If you talk to the locals they’re very likely to tell you that the best parts of Las Vegas are the things that you cannot experience on the Strip. Some of the best food, in fact, is in Summerlin at Krayvings!

Healthy Restaurants Las Vegas - Juice Bars, Fresh Food, and More

Vegas has all the food one could want in life and some of the very best restaurants. But in order to find a unique experience outside of the refined, polished, corporate bubble you’ll need to take a bit of a journey out towards Red Rocks. That’s right, it just so happens that the locals have fallen in love with Krayvings which is the last (and best) spot to grab a bit to eat before heading out for a adventurous day in the Red Rocks park for a hike, ride, or picnic. Krayvings offers some of the best and freshest meals around made from local produce and proteins. Don’t let the focus on “healthy restaurant” scare you because Krayvings has got everyone’s back when it comes to filling the need to feed.

Some of the standout menu items at Krayvings are:

  • Freshly Squeezed Juices:

    Made from fresh herbs, fruit, and greens these things are as delicious as they are healthy. They make for a great meal for anyone going outside for a hike or coming back from a workout. For those coming from their hotel casino these things will give you the pick-me-up you need to have a great day and evening. Kravyings recommends that you, at least once, try a shot of wheatgrass which promises to be the best wheatgrass you’ve ever tried due to Krayvings’ diligence in sourcing ingredients. -

  • Fresh Brioche Buns Burgers:

    What did we tell you? Something for everyone, right?! Krayvings’ burgers are fantastic because of the proteins and ingredients used. The Bison Burger is probably the most recommended item on the menu hands down. It is made from fresh ground bison seasoned and grilled to perfection, served with caramelized onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. And just to prove that everyone can find joy; there is a gluten-free bun option as well.

There is a ton more on the menu. If you’re traveling in large groups and looking for something a bit more healthy or are tired of the casino restaurants then come to Krayvings and check out our fresh daily menu for yourself. We are a short and affordable Uber ride and everyone in your group will find something delicious to eat. Maybe a salad, breakfast sandwich, chicken ceaser wraps, or a satisfying smoothie.

Easy to get to Krayvings - Last Restaurant on Charleston Blvd

From Las Vegas just take the quickest route to the 215 and exit Charleston Blvd in Summerlin to get to Krayvings. It’s the last restaurant on the street and before you head into Red Rocks. If you are having trouble finding us please feel free to Contact Us


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